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Rental and Sale 

LiveU Field Units

2Live played an active role in the revolution of live video, introducing the famous LiveU field units in Brazil and all the expertise required for reliable, ON-THE-GO and FAST transmissions. Currently we work with the main TV networks and news portals in the country in addition to providing support to dozens of content producers to ensure successful live transmissions.

Live video from anywhere and to anywhere you want

News, sports, marketing actions, retail, concerts, fashion shows, theater festivals. All of this live with LiveU technology. LiveU is a pioneer in portable IP uplinks, and offers products for all kinds of digital transmission needs.


LiveU units based on 3G/4G/5G networks are designed using HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), allowing good signal quality even at locations where little bandwidth is available or many devices are contending for bandwidth (sports stadiums and crowds). LiveU's HEVC technology is the only one based on hardware – rather than software – and for this reason delivers improved transmission performance and much longer battery autonomy.

Hire full coverage of the 2022 Brazilian elections in major cities with:

bilingual reporter
cameras of different models
audio capture
lighting kit
Broadcast LiveU units
Special coverages: share your briefing with us

Make the most of our advantages

LiveU unit rental across all of Brazil 

Cameras, microphones, lighting

Full staff with cinematographers and bilingual assistants

Rental services with dedicated tech support

Content generation for journalistic contribution

Coverage service


In association with Svet Media Corp, Ablink partnered with 2Live and did a feature story for Media Set Infinity, an Italian streaming platform, showing interviews and shots in Manaus and Rio de Janeiro.

Live journalistic contribution to New TR News Agency London. The interviewee was in Rio de Janeiro and went on live with all the structure produced for Al Kass Sports Channel, from Qatar

A partnership between Ablink and Live Media to cover the Copa America final. Live contribution to Argentine channel C5N. Full ENG and specialized reporter.

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